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Gateway Energy in Pennsylvania Offers Competitive Options

Gateway Energy was founded in 1997 as a retail energy supplier in New York. Since its beginning, the company has continued to grow and has stretched its business to other deregulated areas of North America. In 2010, the supplier built a call center in Pennsylvania and received a license to sell electricity and natural gas to residents in deregulated areas of the state. Shortly after, in 2011, Gateway Energy became a member of the Direct Energy family. The supplier now operates in 35 deregulated markets across North America and serves more than 345,000 customers.

Pennsylvania Gateway Energy prices and plans can vary by your location within the state. When you compare rates in PA, make certain that you are looking in the right area because your eligibility for Gateway Energy rates in PA can come down to your ZIP code.

You make choices every day that affect how much money comes out of your pocket. This week you probably chose the stores you shopped in, the items you purchased and the restaurants you dined in. If choice is so critical to your everyday life, why would you give up your ability to choose an energy supplier?

Pennsylvania is one of only a few states to empower residents and businesses by giving them the option to choose energy suppliers. Take advantage of your power to choose by comparing retail suppliers such as Gateway Energy in PA. With so many retail energy suppliers in the area, Gateway Energy rates in PA must compete with other prices offered in the marketplace. Compare your options to be sure you have a plan that fits your needs.

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Understanding deregulation in Pennsylvania

To fully appreciate the value of living in a deregulated state, you must first understand how the energy marketplace operated in Pennsylvania a couple decades ago. Until the late 1990s, local utilities were the only companies that the government allowed to supply and deliver energy. In turn, the PA government controlled pricing, setting a rate cap on supply. Without competition in the energy marketplace, residents had no choice but to purchase power from their utility, regardless of the rate.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania passed deregulation laws that introduced competition into the energy market and put an end to government control over electricity and natural gas supply rates. Consumers within PA were given the power to choose their own energy provider. You no longer have to settle for the rates or plans offered by your local utility. There are many suppliers, such as Gateway Energy in PA, that could offer a plan that suits your needs. Since there are so many suppliers, providers such as Gateway Energy in PA need to offer competitive prices, plans and customer service options in order to attract your attention.

Even if you choose a retail supplier to provide your electricity or natural gas, your relationship with your utility will remain mostly intact. While it may no longer be supplying your energy, the utility will continue to deliver your energy supply. The utility will also continue to read your meter and send your bills.

If you experience a power outage, you should still notify your utility immediately. It is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, such as power lines, that transport power to your home. Bad weather and accidents happen, but they can often disrupt the power infrastructure, resulting in power loss. If you report an outage to your utility it can dispatch crews to resolve these situations quickly.

Updated: 7-22-2015