Save electricity: Learning Tips and Tricks

You don’t have to dress in black and beat bad guys to a pulp every night to be a hero. You can become a hero by saving the environment and learning how to save electricity — plus your nights won’t be as busy as Bruce Wayne’s.

Break down ways to save electricity

Summertime solutions

In the warmer months, the air conditioner quickly becomes your best friend. To keep it in prime physical condition, replace the air filters that keep dust out of the duct system every three months. If you also get it tuned up on a regular basis (like you would the Batmobile), you can prolong its life. Even clean the outside compressor yourself with a hose.

If you reduce the time you have your air conditioner on, you can conserve electricity. Open windows at night, and use fans to blow in cool air. During the day, close the windows and blinds to keep out the sun. Also save on your electric bill by raising the thermostat just one degree.

If you have the space and determination, even consider planting a tree as a way to save. By strategy planting a tree or shrub to shade your air conditioner, you can boost its efficiency.

Wintertime solutions

Pennsylvania winters can be eerily cold. As a way to contain the heat inside your home, purchase plastic window covers at a local hardware story to reduce drafts. To save electricity costs, open your blinds or curtains on sunny days to let the sun in and naturally warm your home. Even consider putting temporary caulking on the inside of your windows. You can keep it on in the winter and then remove it once spring rolls around.

If you go out of town for the holidays, hopefully somewhere warm and free of snow storms, adjust your thermostat for some easy savings.

Year-round solutions

When you do laundry, make an effort to fold clothes as soon as they get out of the dryer. This way, the clothes are still warm when you fold them and they are less likely to wrinkle — making it less likely that you need to whip out the iron later (irons use a lot of energy).

Our lives run on chargers and plug-in appliances: toasters, hair dryers, laptop chargers and coffee machines. When you aren’t charging your camera or using your hair straightener, unplug everything. Even when turned off, those appliances suck out energy when plugged in.

How to save electricity for your garden? Collect rainwater in a barrel. You can use this to water your flowers, plants and vegetables without having to use a hose.

One of the biggest costs on your electricity bill is heating water. Boiling water on a gas stove uses 1/3 of the energy of a plug-in kettle.

Follow these simple ways to save electricity, and Mother Nature will be falling into your arms saying “Oh, my hero.”