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Pennsylvania Electric Suppliers Offer Options for Residents

Regardless of whether you own your home, rent an apartment or need to power your business, you have the option to choose your own electricity or natural gas supplier just because you live in Pennsylvania.

Choose among electricity rates in Pennsylvania

Now that Pennsylvania is deregulated, electricity companies in PA no longer both supply and deliver your energy. You have the power to choose your own energy supplier. Switching providers gives you greater control over your electricity and natural gas bills because you will be working with an energy supplier that you chose. You may even be able to find a plan that fits your needs. Just a few minutes of your time could pay off in the long run when you compare energy suppliers and rates in your area.

If you have decided to exercise your power to choose, you should start by examining your recent energy bills. Electricity companies in Pennsylvania are still responsible for billing customers. Take note of the rate you are currently paying, which is listed in kilowatt hours (kWh). This is the number you want to compare when shopping for a new energy supplier.

While price can be a driving factor in choosing a new energy supplier, it is important to look at all aspects of any plan offered. For example, some suppliers offer plans with a stable-rate that you pay every month. In contrast, others may offer a variable rate that changes monthly based on the energy market. Taking advantage of market lows means you might pay a lower rate than someone on a stable plan, but you will also be subject to higher rates when the market is not favorable. If you are interested in a consistent rate, a stable-rate plan may be more to your liking.

Electricity rates in Pennsylvania vary by ZIP code. You will need to contact the Pennsylvania electric suppliers you’re interested in to discover if they have options available to you.

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Pennsylvania’s journey with deregulation

To fully appreciate the value of living in a deregulated state, you must first understand what Pennsylvania’s energy market was like in a regulated environment. In the past, your utility was responsible for both the delivery and the supply of electricity and natural gas to your home or business. The state government was in control of the prices that customers were charged for their energy supply. This left little room for customer options.

However, in 1997, the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act was passed by the state. This legislation stated that rate caps created by the PA government would expire at the end of 2010. It also provided that utilities were no longer the only energy suppliers, introducing competition into the marketplace. With so many energy suppliers emerging in Pennsylvania, consumers have access to competitive rates, products and customer service offerings.

Despite the many changes deregulation brought to the energy market in Pennsylvania, your relationship with your utility remains mostly intact. The utility is still responsible for delivering your energy supply. Even if you choose to shop for alternative Pennsylvania electric suppliers, the utility will still transport energy to your home or business. In addition, you will continue to receive a bill from your utility, however, it will look slightly different. Even if you choose an alternative supplier, it will charge you for your energy supply while electricity companies in PA, specifically the utility in your area, will charge for the delivery.

Updated: 7-22-2015