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Compare Electricity Rates in the Duquesne Light Service Area

Duquesne Light is one of the many electric companies that are a part of Pennsylvania's deregulated energy market. In the 1990s, Pennsylvania legislators deregulated the electricity and natural gas markets. Residents and businesses across the Commonwealth can compare energy rates and find a new supplier.

If you live in a Duquesne Light service area, you have energy choices. You can get your electricity supply through Duquesne Light, or shop around and choose a retail supplier. If you shop around, you will find competitive alternatives to Duquesne Light rates that might be a better option for you!

What does Duquesne Light do?

The Duquesne Light Company is an electric utility that handles the transmission and distribution of electricity in its service areas. Before deregulation, electric companies generated, sold and delivered energy to customers. They were the only companies that could supply you with power. Now, they operate and maintain the local infrastructure and deliver energy to your home or business, but generation companies, such as power plants and wind farms, and retail suppliers have taken over their other roles. Deregulation gives you a choice in who supplies your power.

All Pennsylvania residents and businesses still interact with their respective utilities. Deregulation lets you compare Duquesne Light rates while maintaining your service from Duquesne Light. Regardless of whether you pay Duquesne Light rates or enroll in a plan from a competitive supplier, electricity will reach your home through the same power lines as it always has.

Duquesne Light Company: A brief history

The Duquesne Light Company delivers electricity to about 600,000 customers across Allegheny and Beaver counties in Southwest Pennsylvania. The electric company has history dating back to the 1870s, when local entrepreneur and engineer George Westinghouse founded it. The Duquesne Light Company is now owned by DQUE Holdings LLC, is headquartered in downtown Pittsburgh and has about 1,200 employees.

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Shop for alternatives to Duquesne Light rates

Choosing a new retail electricity supplier isn't difficult, but getting the best rate does require you to shop around. Pennsylvania residents and business owners all have different energy needs, so the best way to find a plan that fits your needs is to compare electricity rates.

No matter your plan preferences – long-term stable rates, green energy options, a low intro rate – comparison shopping can help you find a plan that works for you. Depending on your current situation, you might enjoy a specific rate or plan.

Choosing a plan with variable rates means your rate will fluctuate with the energy market, allowing you to make the most of market lows. But, you'll also be susceptible to rate hikes if conditions get worse. Some variable-rate plans offer month-to-month contracts, which can give you flexibility to buy electricity only for the amount of time you need it, such as the duration of your apartment lease.

Stable-rate electricity plans are ideal for customers who want to secure a rate for an extended period of time. In these plans, supply rates do not change for the duration of the contract, which often range between six months and three years. The flat supply cost of stable-rate plans makes it easy to compare your energy consumption month over month, but some plans have steep early cancellation penalties.

Once you're ready to shop around, give us a call and you'll work with a trained agent who can guide you toward a policy that meets your requirements. There's no risk to shopping around and you might find a plan that's right for you!

Updated: 7-22-2015