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Commerce Energy Now Called Just Energy

Commerce Energy, now known as Just Energy, serves 2 million customers and, as its website states, is dedicated to making the world a cleaner and more sustainable place. It’s not easy going green, but enrolling in a green energy option makes it much easier. Explore all that Just Energy has to offer in Pennsylvania.

Just Energy in PA has much to offer

Living in an energy choice market, you get the power to choose who supplies your energy. Energy choice basically took away the chains that bound the supply and the distribution of electricity and natural gas together. This gives you the opportunity to select from competitive energy prices from a retail energy supplier much like Just Energy.

If and when you decide to make the switch and have chosen an energy supplier, you won’t have to experience a service interruption. Your local utility will remain responsible when it comes to your delivery and the maintenance of your energy. The only thing that changes is your supply plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive my utility bill from my new energy supplier?

No. Just like before, your utility company will deliver your bill. You will notice on your bill though that the name of the energy supplier has changed. Charges for the cost of delivery and transportation of energy will be listed separately.

What is the difference between stable-rate plans and variable-rate plans?

A stable-rate plan allows you to secure an energy supply rate that will be the same every month for the entire duration of your contract — though the amount of your bill will still vary each month according to usage. A variable-rate plan allows you to play the market. Each has its benefits: If the market takes a turn for the worse and you have a stable-rate plan, then you will fortunately be unaffected. But if the market price drops, a variable rate customer will benefit.

What causes electricity prices to fluctuate?

Supply and demand fuels electricity prices – for example, if a power plant is out of service when there are extreme temperatures, such as a heat wave, demand for electricity can push or exceed the supply. This causes companies to import electricity from close by, which affects short-term prices. Population, environmental policies and other factors affect long-term prices.

Updated: 2-15-2017.