Commercial Electricity: From Homeowner to Business Owner

Business owners know all about competition, whether you are competing against another company to get a project, or competing against the clock to meet an approaching deadline. Now commercial electricity suppliers in Pennsylvania will be the ones competing — for you.

Pennsylvania is lucky enough to be in a deregulated market, meaning that instead of utilities having a monopoly over certain areas, you can choose your own provider.

There are commercial electricity prices and rates from a number of different suppliers that you can choose from, but are only available in deregulated areas of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

What can commercial electricity do for you?

When looking for a commercial electricity supplier, check out the options that are available for your specific business size. Because, when it comes to business decisions, size matters. There are electricity prices that can be customized to your company’s size and business energy needs. Don’t feel left out if you have a small family-run business; similarly, don’t feel like because your company is nationwide that a retail electric supplier couldn’t handle it - there is always something for everyone.

Commercial electricity rates: Find the best ways to save

Next time you’re in the office look around to see whether electricity is being wasted. Overhead lights, desk lamps, computer screens, laptops, coffee makers, refrigerators, TVs, video-conference equipment — there is electricity being used constantly. Keeping a business up and running costs a pretty penny, but there are ways that you can help reduce your energy costs.

In Pennsylvania there is a Small Business Advantage Grant. This program provides 50% matching grants up to a maximum of $9,500, which enables a small business “to adopt or acquire energy efficient or pollution prevention equipment or processes,” according to the state’s Department of Environmental Protection’s website. If you’re a small business owner, an energy efficient or pollution-prevention project could cut your costs dramatically while also helping to protect the environment.

There is also the Small Business Pollution Prevention Assistance Account Loan Program. This program provides “low interest loans to small businesses undertaking projects in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that reduce waste, pollution or energy use,” according to Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s website. The loans will fund 75 percent of the total eligible project cost, with a maximum of $100,000. If your business has fewer than 100 employees, you’re eligible for the loan program. Through the PPAA loan program, small businesses can comply with environmental regulations and receive economic benefits of pollution prevention and energy efficiency at the same time.

If you have a small to medium-sized business, the Electrotechnology Applications Center in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will help you to maintain air quality regulations. Services provided include technical training, course development, laboratory analysis and process analysis and auditing.

If you’re a business owner, you can help keep the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania a unique place to live.