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Bounce Energy in Pennsylvania is the New Kid on the Block

Bounce Energy is a privately owned energy retail supplier based in Houston, Texas. Since its foundation, the company has expanded and now operates in several deregulated areas of the United States. The supplier continues to grow rapidly, boasting a 250 percent increase in revenue and customer base since 2010. Bounce Energy is fairly new to the Pennsylvania energy market, launching in the state in late 2012.

While it may be new to the state, Bounce Energy in PA has leaders with more than 60 years of experience in energy marketing and customer service. The company sells electricity to customers in Pennsylvania through a variety of prices and plan options including stable rate, variable rate and green.

Understanding your option to choose in PA

Pennsylvania residents have the opportunity to choose their own energy supplier. But what does that mean? What difference does it make for you?

To fully appreciate living in a deregulated energy marketplace, you must first understand what the market looked like in the past. A couple of decades ago, your local utility was the only company able to supply and deliver electricity and natural gas. The PA government controlled the energy supply prices and set rate caps for the utilities.

However, in the late 1990s, Pennsylvania passed deregulation laws that changed the energy landscape. This legislation allowed other companies, called retail energy suppliers, to come into the PA energy market and sell electricity and natural gas supply. It also withdrew government regulations on supply prices and set an expiration date for rate caps.

The major benefit to Pennsylvania residents is that they now have the power to choose their own supplier, such as Bounce Energy in PA. You no longer have to settle for the rates offered by your local utility. In fact, government rate caps on your utility's supply prices have expired. It's important for you to compare the energy supply rates in your area if you want to get the best deal on your electricity or natural gas. Like all suppliers in PA, Bounce Energy prices must compete in the energy marketplace to attract your attention.

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How to make the switch

It's important to make an educated decision when choosing a new energy supplier, such as Bounce Energy in PA. Each provider offers different plans, pricing and customer service options, many of which might work for you. Carefully review your options and pick the right plan.

If you find that Bounce Energy rates in Pennsylvania fit your needs, then switching is easy. The first step is to compare the rates you are being offered to the price you are currently paying for energy. Start by digging out your old energy bills. You will see that you pay for energy based on kilowatt hours. When you compare Bounce Energy rates in PA to other suppliers, this is the price you want to compare.

If you find a plan or a supply rate that is better than your utility is currently offering, then it may be time to switch. Setting up a new energy supply service is easier than you might think. All you have to do is make a call. And best of all, you could find a plan that meets your budget.

Updated: 7-22-2015